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This is an unprecedented health emergency. Why don’t we have hospital staff washing hands and cleaning wards with biocidal water straight from their taps? Why don’t people in developing countries have access to biocidal water that can help them keep safe? We have the solution to make this happen. But commoditising it requires an urgent engineering effort right now to help us miniaturise a trusted technology that can make this happen and help save lives.


At Aqua 21 we’ve recognised that our technology can help our NHS to save lives. By giving them the ability to clean and disinfect ambulances, beds, equipment and floors quickly and efficiently, ambulance turnaround times can be reduced, virus spread can be controlled and our healthcare environments become safer. But we need your help. We’re calling on scientists and engineers to help us miniaturise and commoditise our proven technology. Fill in the form below if you think you can make a difference.

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About our technology

Our technology was invented at London’s Imperial College and it is based on targeted ozonation. This means Aqua21 can deliver ozone where it is most needed, at the levels needed. All of this can be delivered at low cost — not just for the equipment and installation but for the day-to-day running of the system. This is because we’ve cracked the challenge of making industrial ozonation scaleable. Aqua21’s CTO Trevor Costello explains all in this video.

Supporting developing countries

If we are concerned about the failure to contain the virus in western Europe and the US, multiples of that horror await in the developing world. With few means of medical intervention, and several other risk factors such as malnutrition, high population densities, communal living and lack of access to water and washing facilities, the rates of mortality could dwarf what has been seen so far in the west. For humanitarian reasons and because we are now part of an interconnected, global community, access to biocidal water for developing nations should be an urgent priority for us all. Help us make this happen.

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